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Healthy & Nutritious Ingredients

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We use the power of plants to give consumers what they want: delicious, healthy and more sustainable foods.

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Natural Sweeteners

Our first products are focused on sweeteners that replace sugar and artificial sweeteners.


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Up to 300X sweeter without calories, for easy sugar reduction.


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They’re natural and sustainable.

Great taste

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Great taste

With a clean profile and no off-notes.


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In thousands of everyday food and beverage products.

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Elo sweeteners enable consumers to get the sweetness they want without the negative health impacts.

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More than 2/3 of consumers
identify sugar as a health issue

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72% of consumers
are actively reducing sugar intake

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consumers look for is sugar

Inspired by Monk Fruit

Monk fruit sweetener is prized for its sweetness without any calories. Grown only in the remote valleys of China, monk fruit supply is unreliable and expensive.

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Elo’s monk fruit sweetener is produced in plants that are grown virtually anywhere, making our sweetener more accessible, affordable and sustainable.

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Learn more about how our sweeteners and other ingredients can help your products.

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