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Climate Change is Threatening Our Food Supply

We’re dedicated to saving critical fruits and vegetables from extinction. And we’re enhancing the productivity of crops in regions where access to nutritious food is under threat from rising temperatures.

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Saving the Banana

The banana is a staple food around the world. The most popular variety, the Cavendish banana, is faced with extinction from a pathogenic fungus called Fusarium TR4.

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How We’re Solving the Crisis

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Dole Partnership

We partnered with Dole, one of the world’s largest producers of fresh fruit and vegetables, to develop a TR4 resistant Cavendish banana.

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Developing Resistant Bananas

We analyzed the genomes of multiple banana varieties to identify targets that protect Cavendish plants from the fungus.

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Making Rapid Progress

Our resistant banana plants are in evaluation with our partner Dole in Central and South America–helping farmers combat this terrible disease.

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We’re actively seeking partners to solve similar problems. Join us on this important mission.

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