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We Make the Unobtainable, Obtainable

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Our molecular farming produces ingredients that were once difficult to extract and source. We make them affordable, readily-available and sustainable.

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We source ingredients from nature and scale production in plants.

A natural source

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A natural source

We find high value ingredients in nature that are difficult to access, scale and extract.

Grown through plants

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Grown through plants

We use local crops as biofactories to produce these ingredients at scale… increasing sustainability and affordability.

Creating ingredients


Creating ingredients

We extract the ingredient from the high-yielding crop biofactory.

Included in foods & beverages

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Included in foods & beverages

Manufacturers use our ingredients to improve the health and nutrition of their products.

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Our CULTIVATE platform produces ingredients via four proprietary steps:

• Rational Design

• Informed by Nature

• Enhanced Production

• High-yield Harvest


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CULTIVATE is powered by a unique combination of expertise.

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Experience with diverse species of fruits & vegetables

We work with a cornucopia of different plant varieties.

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Cutting edge genetic capabilities

Including proprietary gene editing and other biotech tools that engineer complex pathways to create our ingredients.

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Rapid development

Our design-build-test platform accelerates product development through rapid, plant-based combinatorial engineering.

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