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Essential Ingredients: Molecular Biology Meets Consumer Demand for Natural Sweeteners with Todd Rands

February 1, 2024

With sugar consumption linked to health issues like obesity and diabetes, consumers are looking for healthier options that allow for moderation without compromise. Innovation in natural low-calorie sweeteners holds promise for addressing this need and empowering personal choices.

Led by CEO Todd Rands, ELO Life Systems is developing sustainable, natural ingredients by engineering plant biofactories. With decades of experience in molecular biology, agriculture, and venture capital, Todd’s vision is for ELO to make healthier, plant-based products accessible to all through agricultural innovation.

Join in as Justine and Todd explore ELO’s research process, partnerships with major brands, goals of making plant-based ingredients widely accessible, and leveraging molecular farming to revolutionize global agriculture and food production.

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Todd Rand, CEO/President

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