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Precision PlantSciences renamed Elo Life Systems

June 4, 2018

two men talkingDURHAM, North Carolina, USA, June 04 2018 – Precision BioSciences has announced a new name and brand identity for its food and agriculture business. The new entity, Elo Life Systems, will be held as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Precision BioSciences, a Durham-based genome editing company dedicated to improving life. The announcement of Elo Life Systems further solidifies Precision’s commitment to improving human life and to bridging the gap between agriculture and human health.

Elo Life Systems is expected to add several differentiating technologies to its portfolio to complement its flagship genome editing platform optimized for applications in crop improvement, animal genetics, industrial biotechnology, and sustainable agriculture.

“Elo’s technology portfolio will serve as the foundation for discovery pipelines that leverage a multiscale biology approach to gain deeper functional insights and to rapidly translate such insights into actionable, product-worthy ideas. The Elo team is proud of its legacy and excited about this opportunity to shape the foods of tomorrow,” said Fayaz Khazi, Chief Executive Officer of Elo Life Systems.

Elo has ongoing partnerships with several seed and food product companies including a recently announced strategic partnership with Cargill, Inc.

“We are dedicated to improving life. Through Elo Life Systems, we continue to deliver on our mission to improve human health and wellness,” said Matt Kane, Chief Executive Officer of Precision BioSciences. “Our product-ready technology platforms, a creative team, and a partnership-friendly business model are already making an impact on the next-generation of foods.”

About Precision BioSciences

Precision BioSciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to improving life. Our mission is to cure genetic diseases, overcome cancer, and feed the planet through innovative scientific solutions and with a focus on genome editing. ARCUS®, Precision’s unique, therapeutic-grade genome editing system, combines the specificity and efficacy required to translate the promise of gene editing into life changing gene therapies, cell therapies, and agricultural products.

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Precision PlantSciences renamed Elo Life Systems

June 4, 2018