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Our Solutions

Elo’s innovations are targeted squarely at the classic foods that everyday consumers love.
We believe consumers shouldn’t have to sacrifice their preferences or make major changes to their diet to feel good about the food they eat. With this in mind, Elo is making their favorite foods healthier and more sustainable. We give people more options, without losing any of the flavor or experience that makes these foods so craveable.

Inspired by

Our innovation happens at the intersection of nature and plant science.
Our proprietary CULTIVATE platform scans the biodiversity present in native plants to identify novel features that can be harnessed to improve the nutritional content and taste of foods consumers enjoy most. We find ways to scale the best solutions that nature has already provided.

Healthier, Tastier

We focus on ingredients that empower consumers to feel good about the food they eat. From plant-based sweeteners, proteins, flavors, and more, our ingredients make food tastier and healthier, while requiring less from the planet.

Empowering the
Future of Food

Better nutrition, accessible to all people, is good for our health and also the health of the planet. Delivering more nutrients in every ounce means we get more while using less. By using Elo’s ingredients, companies can deliver healthier tastier foods while improving the environment and carbon footprint of those foods.

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