Our Solutions

Our solutions are based on a systems-level approach to solving problems. Our values, commitment and responsibility to the people and the planet drive our decisions.


We couple our multi-scale biology workflow with precision breeding technologies to expedite novel trait development, resulting in value-added products that harness genetic diversity, and are safe and sustainable.


Our best-in-class crop improvement strategies and a creative business model catalyze adoption of novel crops and traits into the food, beverage and ingredient industries. As a result, consumers benefit from healthy, nutritious and sustainable options.

Sustainability and
Global Citizenship

Through collaborative programs with governments, NGOs and the corporate sector, we champion pre-competitive research initiatives, open-innovation, and sustainable practices in the food and agriculture sectors.

Our Approach

We are invested in fulfilling our mission. We use a suite of technologies to complement our proprietary and product-ready genome editing platform. Our technologies allow us to harness what biology has to offer for human benefit effectively and responsibly.

Multiscale Biology-based Discovery Tools

Elo’s Knowledge Management system is designed to supplement its internal datasets with any publicly available resource. We deploy machine learning algorithms to gain deeper insights into genomes, genes and traits of value. Through this unique relational database, Elo derives multiscale biology-based insights for optimization of any crop on the planet.

Precision Breeding Technologies

Biology can be harnessed effectively and responsibly through technology to benefit humanity. Our experts at Elo have the experience and the vision to develop novel plant-based products leveraging a multitude of technologies, to deliver products to the market.

Multi-crop Transformation and Trait Validation

Team Elo is uniquely positioned to leverage its Precision Breeding Technologies in protoplasts, calli, microspores and meristems of a diverse list of crop plants to generate novel traits. Elo’s advanced growth chambers have the capability of simulating a plethora of growth environments to advance optimized crops into their environments of scale i.e. field, production greenhouses or vertical farms.