Healthy Sweeteners

Elo is developing its ZeroMelon® brand of watermelon as a scalable natural, zero-calorie alternative to high fructose corn syrup and chemical sweeteners. ZeroMelon® aims to offer healthful alternatives to the food and beverage industry while fostering sustainable production practices.

Healthy Oils

Canola is one of the healthier cooking oils available in the market. Elo’s ZeroCanola® program aims to make this healthy oil healthier by reducing the total saturated fatty acids to ultra low levels, without compromising the frying characteristics or flavor of the oil.

Saving Endangered Crops

The existence of banana, the world’s most favorite fruit, is threatened by a pathogenic fungus called Fusarium TR4 that is decimating plantations at pandemic proportions. In partnership with the Dole Food Company, Elo is on its way to developing banana varieties which can resist this pathogen.

Plant‑Based Proteins

Plant-based proteins are an underexplored resource available to humanity. Under the umbrella of our Climate-Smart Plants initiative, we are bridging the gap between the demand and supply of pulses and lentils currently hampered by climate change. Our flagship program on chickpeas paves the way for many other high protein crops.

Sustainable Flavors

A sustainable production platform serves as a foundation for an ethical supply chain. Our work on vanilla is positioned to dramatically improve the livelihoods of small-holder growers through development of improved varieties that produce higher yields, have better flavor and are less labor-intensive.

Naturally‑Sourced Fragrances

Plants are a key source of most scents and fragrances used in various everyday consumer products. Through our multi-scale biology-based approach, we harness and enhance a plant’s natural ability to produce high-value compounds, scents, fragrances and binding agents, as in the case of sclareol from clary sage.