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Natural, Scalable Sweeteners

Elo’s first product is a plant-based sweetener inspired by monk fruit, an exotic fruit grown in remote valleys of China. The sweetener is prized not only because it’s hundreds of times sweeter than sugar but is also zero-calorie. By producing this sweetener in more scalable plant systems, Elo is making the ingredient available for local production and broad application in thousands of everyday foods, while reducing the impact on the environment. And it’s a much healthier alternative to other poor quality sweeteners, such as high-fructose corn syrup and artificial chemicals being used in foods today.

Preserving Critical Food Crops

Bananas—the world’s most popular fruit—are on the brink of extinction from a pathogenic fungus called Fusarium TR4, which continues to decimate production fields and livelihoods of farmers in tropical areas of Asia and Central/South America.

In partnership with Dole, Elo is developing banana varieties that are pathogen-resistant, ensuring that everyone is able to continue enjoying the delicious bananas that are so plentiful today. This also protects the livelihoods of banana farmers, and ensures that existing farmland stays productive rather than expanding and moving production fields further into sensitive tropical habitats.

Planet-friendly Proteins

Plant-based proteins are an under-explored resource available to humanity. Under the umbrella of our Climate-Smart Plants initiative, we are bridging the gap between the demand and supply of pulses and lentils currently hampered by climate change. Our flagship program on chickpeas paves the way for many other high protein crops.

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